Bucks CC is in the process of applying to DCLG to change the county from a two tier administration to a ‘Unitary Authority’. As a result this single authority would be responsible for all the services currently provided here by BCC and AVDC. Bucks CC is proposing that it becomes that authority.  SCPC attended a seminar on this topic organised by Bucks CC where they were looking for feedback about their proposals. A summary of the day can be found online including a video of Martin Tett’s presentation and slides from the day. These are all available herehttp://futurebucks.co.uk/conference/ .

AVDC is in discussions with the other District Councils within Bucks about how they might become the unitary authorities and the proposal at the moment is that they establish two unitary authorities, split north and south geographically, with AVDC continuing to cover the area that it currently serves. This note has been issued by AVDC regarding its proposals.

Dear Parish Clerk,

We recently invited you and the Members of your parish to a meeting to discuss with you the options for unitary government in Buckinghamshire. 

We have taken into account the discussions we have had with our parishes and town councils and with many people across the County and beyond.  We have also considered evidence about the current performance of services and the geography, topography, economies and communities which make up this diverse County.  We have looked at models of delivery across the Country and abroad and have looked at the challenges which local government is likely to face in the future. 

We are drawing up a proposal for two unitary Councils in Buckinghamshire.  We recognise that there is scope for further discussion and a final decision will not be made until the Members of the Council meet to make a decision.  You may recall that the County Council announced its preferred option in early summer and Members of the County Council reached their decision on 22nd September 2016 before the majority of their discussions with stakeholders and parishes. 

To help you understand why we believe that two Councils is the best option for Buckinghamshire we have provided a high level explanation in the linked report.  

We will continue to keep you informed of any significant developments.  If you have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards


Sent on behalf of Councillor Neil Blake


The Steeple Claydon Parish Council is following the discussions and will be considering its response in the coming PC meetings. If you have any views on this topic please come along to the next PC meeting or write to the Clerk with your comments. clerkscpc@btinternet.com

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